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PHK Demos

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1 - The webinfo mode

These demos allow to view some PHK packages using the embedded webinfo mode. This mode allows to display information about a package.

Clicking on the following links will display every information about the packages (technical information, license, file list, symbol maps...) :

2 - Documentation packages

Here, you can see another typical use of PHK. PHK is interesting for documentation packages, mostly because they generally contain a lot of files and it is easier to move it as a single file, avoiding any problem of missing/corrupted files, access rights...

In the examples below, you will display some phpdoc/phpxref-generated documentations. When displaying these packages, remember that everything (images, frame content, css...) is contained in a single file :

First the API/XRef documentations :

Then, some other documentation :

You can also display the demo directory. This way, you can see how the webinfo mode is activated. Please remember that the '.phk.php' files you see in the demo directory are PHK packages. Their suffix is not '.phk' because, as long as I don't have a dedicated server, I have no control over the Apache configuration.

If you have other examples that you would accept to list here, please contact us.


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