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Home Software SysFunc Sysfunc Install Guide

Sysfunc Install Guide

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Installing from a package

RHEL RPM packages are available from Github.

Depending on your operating system, other packages may be available from alternate sources.

Installing from the source

Sysfunc is a shell library, so it does not require to be compiled before installation. The only tool you
need to install the software from the source tar file is the make utility.

Download the tar-gzipped package file from Github, gunzip it, cd to the place where it was extracted, and run :

make install

If you want the library not to be installed in the default location (/opt/sysfunc), the command becomes :

        make install INSTALL_DIR=<path>

That's all.

Check the installation by running :

sysfunc tm_now

which should display the current date and time.


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